As a retired teacher I often wonder just how much information I want to share in a blog but I have been persuaded by numerous how to do things books that every even potential author needs a “platform” and had better have one up and running before bothering to harass editors or agents with proposals.  So here we are and here is a bit more about me.

I live in the Cariboo area of British Columbia on a ranch with my wife of now 44 years (a deliriously happy time that I find a bit hard to believe, she is still beautiful, interesting, fascinating and without question my most enduring obsession, hobby, pastime and friend) and we have a small herd of cows and horses. Our current fascination is combined driving competitions which are like 3 day horse events except that you drive a 4 wheel carriage (kind of a moderate adrenaline rush for old folks, which if you want to understand click on combined driving up above and it will take you to a YouTube video).

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Honors English, a Masters of Education degree and 20 years of helping cows deliver calves (thankfully I haven’t had to help all that much but most years there are one or two stuck calves that have to be rearranged inside before they come out healthy and ready to nurse) all of which gives me at least some experience of the world to share.

I am hoping with this blog to provide a “tour” of what a fledgling, finally serious writer goes through to first get the novel or novels written and then get them published.


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