I am 65 and it’s about time I grew up.

I spent the first 35 years of my working life teaching kids how to read, write and program computers. It was a good career but way too busy to actually settle down to writing. There are hiding in various drawers and file folders 3 novels (or least good starts to novel — 100 pages or so) that I have written over those years but none ever saw the light of day. Then just to complicate life we bought a ranch and started raising about 100 cows which of course meant about 100 calves every year.  There was even less time to sit down and work at writing and I was exhausted most of the time but enjoying life.

Finally I retired from teaching, spent 6 or 7 years messing around with other projects but managing to reduce the numbers of cows down to 30 while increasing the number of horses to 20. The novel I am currently writing has been assaulting me for the past 15 years. It shows up in my dreams. I imagine entire conversations while I am cutting and baling the hay in the summer in the tractor. I day dream various scenes and watch my heroine struggle to survive in a difficult world.

Then I hit 65 years old. This year. A few months ago. The BC government sent me a “gold” card. I’m officially old and I don’t like it. I don’t mind being old that much but it got me to thinking.

So I decided that if I was ever going to be able to grow up to be a novelist I had better settle down and get to work. I definitely did not want to face the last tractor ride or ultimate library in the sky or even at worst an eternal sentence to teaching grade 8 guidance in you know where, without ever having really tried to grow up and become a novelist.

So this blog is going to take you along on the journey of writing that novel that has been hounding me for so many years. It turns out, naturally enough that it is three novels, a trilogy, and I have committed to myself that all three of the books will get written whether any of them ever gets published or not. I just can’t face the possibility that after I die I will still be obsessed with the books I never wrote.

So feel free to watch the struggle, the agony, the journey, the adventure, the impossible dream or even the (not very likely I am afraid) amazing success of the project.


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