Research Notebook

The Research Notebook will contain posts relating to topics that I am researching for the novel and for writing in general. Since I am writing an alternative history story it means that I have selected a “Point of Departure” (POD) in time (in this case and currently about 500 BCE) and so I need to have a very clear idea of what the world looked like in 500 BCE and how it developed after that. In addition I am starting the story in West Africa so I need to develop a far better knowledge of that geography, the ethnic groups who were living in the area in the time frame, and the general level of technological development including agriculture for that time period.

Once the story progresses a few hundred years there is a need to keep up to other cultures that become dominant in the Mediterranean basin and further out to the Persian Gulf and China. So the notebook will have a wide range of topics which in the long run will be easiest to find using the category tags to the right.


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